AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Sack Race 4 pcs Set - B077BVNXKG

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  • Bags are made from eco-friendly natural burlap with hefty biodegradable fibers

  • Each bag has a jute drawstring to secure bag contents.

  • Size: 23 inch x 40 inch with tie string attached

  • Multipurpose bags that can be used in many applications ranging from rustic weddings and parties to durable tool and hardware transport bags

  • Use this burlap sack for fun activities as this comes with high quality

  • AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Sack 4 pcs Set | 23 x 40 inch | New Coffee Bag | Potato Bag | Sack Race | Ecofriendly, Natural Jute Product 

    Burlap bags provide longer life and withstand moisture and sun longer than thin burlap sandbags. They are made from woven fabric which is from natural jute plant. Aayu's Burlap Sacks are 100% natural, disposable and biodegradable and they are made from premium quality natural jute burlap.They are safe for storing food items in a cool dry place.


    1. Odor Free
    2. Environmental friendly
    3. Natural
    4. Durable

    Uniqueness: Aayu's Burlap sacks are sized about 23 x 40 inches.Our burlap sacks are not print easy to write any words on the beige surface of the sack.

    Premium Quality: Aayu's easy use burlap sacks are made up with breathable fabric to cover plants during bad weather and winter to protect from frost.


    1. We can use this sacks to store potatoes, coffee, and other vegetables. These sacks are user-friendly, one just need to soak, rinse and hang it out to dry to get off all the dirt.

    2. Burlap sacks can be used in gardening, storage, home decors. These can be used in parties to entertain kids by using it in ganny sack and other games.

    AAYU Brand Premium Burlap Sack Race 4 pcs Set - B077BVNXKG

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