Dish Rack Kitchen Dishwasher Metal Basket Tableware Plate Drain Storage Rack - B07GJLLW55

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  • Material: Metal bowl holder + plastic drain plate

  • Size: 45*23*14cm, Weight: 1.42kg

  • Solder joint tight, surface technology rust-proof and safe to use

  • Curved handle design, easy to lift, card buckle design so that the dishes are placed smoothly without slipping Bottom scrub water plate, easy to hold the drops, not easy to wet table, base silicone mat, placed firmly, not easy to wear flower countertops, drain hole design, ventilation, breathable, clean and sanitary

  • Stylish and practical, suitable for busy families, is the ideal choice for those who only want to wash and relax
    There is plenty of room to place plates, glasses, cups and cutlery, and the tray below allows you to stack the cutlery and let them drip dry
    The pallet can be removed from either side, so you can slide out and pour the excess water into the sink.
    Lightweight and durable, you can easily store it when you don't need it
    The use of high-quality stainless steel manufacturing, corrosion resistance, high temperature, durable, lead-free, non-toxic, bright easy to clean, long service life
    Tableware drain utensils have attractive bending shape, non-slip and scratch resistant rubber feet, structural stability
    They are easy to clean and suitable for everyday use
    Maintenance instructions: Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and naturally dry
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    Dish Rack Kitchen Dishwasher Metal Basket Tableware Plate Drain Storage Rack - B07GJLLW55

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