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  • SUPERIOR DESIGN. Funkins lunch bags are a thoughtfully designed lunch bag solution created to make lunch packing easier - Funkins lunch bags keep food fresh, hold a lot (including bento boxes), are long lasting, easy to clean, and come in bright, cheerful patterns your child will love! Designed with soft handles for easy, comfortable gripping by little hands, durable zippers, an interior name label and pocket to store cutlery, a napkin & lunchbox note, and wide zipper openings for easy packing.

  • ULTRA DURABLE and ECO-RESPONSIBLE. Reusable and long lasting, Funkins top quality lunch bags are stain, tear and water resistant, and our sturdy construction means Funkins lunch bags can be used over and over again, helping you REDUCE WASTE and SAVE MONEY every day.

  • INSULATING to keep food fresh, and EASY TO CLEAN. Hand or machine wash (delicate cycle), air dries in minutes so your child's lunch bag is fresh and clean for the next school day.

  • CONVENIENT. Can be stored flat in a drawer or cupboard when not in use, so as not to take up kitchen counter space. Stands upright for easy packing. Bag design helps food containers stay upright when traveling to school.

  • SPACIOUS. Roomy with a little "give" to hold your child's assortment of reusable lunch containers, including BENTO lunch boxes. 12.6" W x 11.25"H x 6.5" D (base width when open)

  • Looking for a lunch bag that keeps food fresh, holds a lot (including bento containers), is long lasting, washes well and comes in a cute pattern your child will love?

    Look no further! Funkins adorably stylish, insulated lunch bags have been thoughtfully designed by moms and tested by kids and teachers to ensure optimum functionality both at home and school. Funkins bags are super cute, incredibly roomy and easy to pack.

    Machine washable bags are easy to keep clean

    We know lunchtime can get messy, so we’ve pulled out all of the stops to design a bag that kids and parents love. Funkins lunch bags are stain, tear and water resistant, and can be hand or machine washed (delicate cycle), air-drying in minutes so they are clean and fresh for the next school day, looking as good as new!

    Easy to store

    When not in use, these flexible bags can be stored flat in a drawer or cupboard so as not to take up too much room.

    Extra Spacious

    Our bags are large and spaciously designed to hold all of your child’s reusable lunch containers, including bento lunch containers. Because our bags are made of neoprene, there is some “give” when fitting extra food and drink containers inside, and each bag has an interior name label and pocket for storing napkins, cutlery and lunchbox notes.

    FUNKINS Kids Lunch Bag - B07DWDFD37

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