Glass Spice Jars Set Stainless Steel Spice Rack Kitchen Seasoning Box Set European Creative - B07H3G7TS6

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  • -Stainless steel bottle cap with stainless steel porous cap, which can be rotated according to the size of the bottle hole, which is convenient and practical.

  • -The storage rack is made of metal and chrome-plated. It is a good helper for your kitchen. The material is durable and easy to carry.

  • - Sodium-calcium glass bottle body is made of food grade soda lime glass, which is safe and healthy, and the thickened bottle body is resistant to impact.

  • -three different hole types are adjusted according to the size of the seasoning particles, and can be sealed by rotating to the non-porous position when not in use.

  • - Healthy soda lime glass is suitable for long-term storage of salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper and other condiments, soda lime glass material is more assured

  • Product Name: 5 sets of seasoning bottles
    Scope of application: solid seasonings such as salt, chicken, and cumin
    Packing specification: 25.5*9.7*12.5cm
    Single bottle capacity: 200m
    Material used: glass, ABS plastic, stainless steel, chrome bracket
    Maintenance and cleaning, the reasonable use and maintenance of the product can prolong the service life
    Note for the first use: Before the first use, it can be washed first with water, and the glass product should be cleaned with water and detergent. Do not directly boil water for high temperature disinfection.
    For the cleaning of glass products: please wash directly with water. If there are more oil stains, you can add detergent, wash and dry the water, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.
    Scope and contraindications of glass products: Glass products are suitable for dishwashers, refrigerators, not for ovens and microwave ovens.
    The lead-free glass material guarantees the original flavor of the seasoning and the outer layer is made of stainless steel outer layer to ensure the safety of the cruet. The food grade plastic swivel cover meets the needs of different seasonings. Not easy to explode, Smooth, easy to clean
    Food grade material, leakproof, tasteless
    High quality lead-free glass materials are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful substances.
    Occasionally, the next season when the kitchen is seasoned, the seasonings are a mess. Such a set of seasonings will not be misplaced.
    It is normal for glass products to have small defects such as bubbles and mold stitches, which is a normal process phenomenon. The glass manufacturing process is complicated, so it is impossible to completely the occurrence of small defects such as bubbles and product sutures. The products we sell are all qualified products, but if you are very picky, we recommend that you buy them carefully.

    Glass Spice Jars Set Stainless Steel Spice Rack Kitchen Seasoning Box Set European Creative - B07H3G7TS6

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