Nora Fleming - Paper Towel Holder - MEL03 - B07D8YSXMX

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  • A simple, stylish way to store and dispense paper towels for use at get-togethers or regular home usage!

  • Nora Fleming - One Decorative Base for Every Occasion. Nora Fleming makes the ultimate decorative bases for every possible occasion! Nora Fleming platters are whatever you want them to be - traditional, distinctive, creative, fun, unique, inspiring - all of the above and never dull!

  • How do they work? VERY easy - just dab a drop of water in the small hole of the decorative base, insert one of the decorative minis that fits your occasion (or mood!) and just pull the silicon stem down from the bottom of the platter so you're sure it sits flush and securely on the rim! So simple - it's brilliant!

  • An awesome wedding or housewarming gift! A fun collection you can continue to add to throughout the years with all the different minis and new decorative base styles that Nora Fleming designs each season!

  • Change is good. Interchangeable is better! Imagine tableware that changes for every holiday, event or season. All you have to do is remove the Nora Fleming mini, add another and presto...a whole new look! All of Nora Fleming's minis are hand-painted with care and concern for every detail. Hand wash with soapy water after use.

    Nora Fleming - Paper Towel Holder - MEL03 - B07D8YSXMX

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