Spice Jars with Spoons,Glass Jar Bottles Wooden Spice Rack Set,Salt Pepper Sugar Kitchen Storage Rack - B07H22YTDP

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  • 1,Can be loaded with a variety of seasonings, with high stability, will not dilute harmful substances, so you can put a variety of seasonings

  • 2,Wear-resistant and easy to clean, high hardness, good wear resistance, high-end process to create a smooth surface, no adsorption of impurities, easy to clean

  • 3,The glass can is transparent and the built-in items are clear at a glance

  • 4,Suitable for all kinds of seasonings.Star anise, spicy tender, chicken essence, floral dress, salt to create a healthy compartment

  • 5,Choose healthy high-turned silica glass. Corrosive, easy to clean, cold resistant, heat resistant to create quality life

  • Bamboo frame x1 (length 35x width 11× height 9cm)
    Spice jar × 4 (capacity 250g, diameter 9 × height 6cm)
    Spoon × 4
    Bamboo and wood shelves, the shelf uses a skeleton structure to make the seasoning bottle more stable
    Food grade material, leakproof and odorless
    The high quality lead-free glass material is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances.
    The refined pottery clay is first burned at 800 °C, and then glazed at a high temperature ranging from 1300 to 1400 °C. It belongs to the high temperature secondary firing surface and is solid and dense. The lead-free and other heavy metals are dissolved and will not react with any food. To ensure the freshness and hygiene of food to the greatest extent possible.
    Beautiful and exquisite flower surface, simple yet elegant and stylish, showing your artistic life.
    Durable, long bamboo fragrance, let home return to nature
    Exquisite production process, reflecting pure temperament
    The body of a healthy and healthy person, the beauty of the body is a perfect human mind, and a subtle interpretation of the beauty
    Suitable for all kinds of spices in the kitchen. star anise. Spicy photos, chicken essence, hamsters, salt to create a healthy room
    Occasionally, the next time the kitchen is seasoned, the seasonings are all in a mess. And such a set of seasonings will not be misplaced.
    It is normal for the glass products to have small flaws such as air bubbles and mold stitching lines, which is a normal process phenomenon. The glass making process is complicated, so it is impossible to completely avoid the occurrence of small flaws such as air bubbles And product stitching lines. The national daily glass product qualification standard also allows fine flaws to appear. The products we sell are all qualified products, but if you are extremely picky about Otaru, we recommend that you buy them carefully.

    Spice Jars with Spoons,Glass Jar Bottles Wooden Spice Rack Set,Salt Pepper Sugar Kitchen Storage Rack - B07H22YTDP

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