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Imagine being able to buy a high quality wooden carousel (Lazy Susan) for your family table that can hold salt, pepper, napkins, garlic salt and other small items needed for your family meals. What a delight The Lazy Susan is useful tool so you dont have to get up during a meal; it is all right there. The Origin of the term "Lazy Susan" made its first written appearance in a Vanity Fair advertisement for a "Revolving Server or Lazy Susan" in 1917, although their existence dates back to the 18th century. The Lazy Susan can be made from a variety of materials, commonly plastic, wood, or glass. This is a 18 round piece of wood, that is 1 thick with a heavy duty bearing carousel that can hold hundreds of weights, it has been built right, it was sanded with several grades of sandpaper, then it was cleaned of any sawdust, the it was stained and sealed with two coats of a high quality lacquer. There are four colors available Natural Wood Finish, White, Maple stain and Walnut Stai

Standard Lazy Susan Maple Stain - B004V5TIDK

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